Snowshoeing and winter hiking in Merano 2000

Hiking holiday in South Tyrol: in winter a very special experience indeed

Hiking in the winter paradise of Merano 2000 means stomping through snow-covered forests, spending a little time away from the crowds, walking through still meadows, feeling the powdery snow below your feet or over snowy inclines. The Alps provide us with so many gifts. Especially in winter. And you don't have to have skis on your feet to enjoy and take part in wonderful and recreative winter activities. A hiking holiday in South Tyrol can also have its own special charm. Take your snowshoes, poles, waterproof mountain or trekking shoes and off you go. You can set off directly outside the front door of our hotel in Merano 2000 and enjoy winter in its original form and as someone who is at one with nature.

The ski bus takes you to the starting points of the most wonderful hiking trails

Directly in front of the Mirabell hotel near Merano 2000, the ski bus takes you straight to Falzeben. From there you can take a wonderful walk along trail number 14 and come back along the Bürgelweg trail. This hiking tour during your hiking holiday in South Tyrol will take you around one and a half hours.

Hiking in Merano 2000 – a real experience

Just a one hour walk away from Hafling/Falzeben you can reach the summit station of Pfiffinger Köpfl. It's also reachable using the lift. From there you can take a well-trodden trail (also in winter) to the Meraner Hütte mountain guesthouse. There and back will take you around three and a half hours. You can, however, make your hiking holiday in South Tyrol a little more comfortable. When you ascend with the chair lift from Pfiffing to Waidmann-Alm, the Meraner Hütte is already in sight. From there you can comfortably walk back to Pfiffing or directly to the starting point in Falzeben (around 2 hours).

Promising pasture hiking tour from our hotel in Merano 2000

Take trail number 2 and head for the Wurzer Alm pasture at around 1,700 metres above sea level. From there you path will take you further in a southeasterly direction to the Vöraner Alm pasture which lies at around 1,900 metres above sea level. The round tour continues along the forest trail to the Leadner Alm pasture (1,514 metres) and finally along trail number 16 back to the starting point. The tour takes around 4 hours 30 minutes.

Snowshow hike to the Kreuzjöchl mountain peak

From Hafling/Falzeben, hike across the Waimann Alm pasture to the Meraner Hütte guesthouse and continue on the European long-distance hiking trail (E5) to the Kreuzjöchl. The descent is via the Moschwaldalm pasture (1,750 metres) and onwards to the Maiser Alm pasture (1,783 metres). From there you can first follow trail number 17, then along the number 14 towards Rotwand until you reach the Zuegghütte mountain hut (1,765 metres). The descent from there to the starting point in Falzeben is easy. The whole route is well-marked and takes around 3 hours.

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