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It’s beauty time!

Our luxurious beauty OASIS will make you truly shine – with exclusive natural toiletries by Team Dr. Joseph Hightech Natural Cosmetics and QMS! Choose between classic treatments for the face, hands, feet and body as well as the highly effective Mirabell special treatments. Our experienced beauticians in our 5-star wellness hotel in South Tyrol will take excellent care of you as you discover our various beauty packages – the stunning results speak for themselves!

Massage & Baths
Romantic Specials
Body & Mind
Lovely, lovelier, Mirabell ...
Lovely, lovelier, Mirabell ...
Take time for yourself, your body and soul. Put yourself in experienced hands and lean back. You’re in for a surprise. This opportunity awaits you in the Hotel Chalet Mirabell – and it’s one worth taking! Face treatments with deep penetration make your complexion glow; gentle anti-ageing treatments smooth away all ‘worry wrinkles’ and exclusive packages regenerate you from head to toe. Whether it’s for mums-to-be, specials for men or for those in search of recuperation, we’ve got the perfect beauty package for every guest. Always following the motto: lovely, lovelier, Mirabell!
Classi Collagen90 minutes
164.00 €
for women & men, according to the !QMS method
A modified anti-aging treatment with the unique !QMS Medicosmetics Collagen System to ensure the highest standards. The skin is cleansed first of all, then prepared for the following algae mask with an exfoliant fluid. After that the moisture in the skin is increased by applying 10% natural collagens which intensively hydrate and stimulate the cell renewal. This is a treatment which was developed especially for the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin's  appearance. Also suited for sensitive skin.
Classic Collagen Intense120 minutes
199.00 €
Intense Collagen Rejuvenation with neck, décolleté, hand and arm massage
A modified anti-aging treatment with a unique !QMS Medicosmetics Collagen System to meet the highest demands. First, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and prepared for the follwing algea mask. After that, the moisture level is increased significantly by the application of soluble collagen which hydrates and stimulates cell renewel. A treatment developed especially to rejuvenate and revitalize the appearance of the skin. Also suitable for senstive skin.
Sensitive Skin Re-Balance60 minutes
102.00 €
Developed especially to improve problem skin, this treatment with a specially created MED set for sensitive skin serves to purify unclean skin, soothe infected skin and regenerate the skin's function.
172.00 €
Anti-aging facial
An anti-aging facial to support the function of the skin's own stem cells. The cell regeneration is stimulated sustainably and your metabolism is intensified. Your skin is smooted and tightened. With the Ion Skin Equalizer, which is used at the end of the treatment as a moisturizer, an innovative anti-aging skin care is implemented. This helps to equalize the pigmentation of the skin and restore the extracellular matrix.
Eye reviver15 minutes
46.00 €
An excellent relaxing treatment for tired and puffy eyes.
An excellent relaxing treatment for tired and puffy eyes. Thanks to intensive moisturizing, your eyes appear refreshed and smoothed.
Oxygen Boost15 minutes
54.00 €
Intensive treatment success with hyaloron serum and oxygen
Activator Treatment75 minutes
122.00 €
An immediately revitalizing facial with a soothing effect. 
Your skin is regenerated using an innovative technique and a treatment with active ingredients. It appears refreshed, firmed and radiant.
Intense cleansing facial treatment60 minutes
98.00 €
Classic treatment tailored to the individual needs of your skin, including deep cleansing of the skin.
For pure, soft, glowing, revitalized skin.
  • warm herbal compresses
  • soft lymph-stimulating massage-peeling
  • cleansing (optionally with small cupping glasses and professional deep cleansing)
  • purifying face pack
  • peel-off mask and day cream for a perfect finish
Deep Action Facial80 minutes
139.00 €
Natural treatment tailored to the needs of your skin with immediate results and relaxing effect
  • skin diagnosis and eyebrow shaping
  • lymph-stimulating massage & warm herbal compresses
  • peeling and deep cleansing (optionally with small cupping glasses)
  • special serum and facial massage
  • intensive mask and day cream for a perfect finish
Anti-Aging Intesive treatment110 minutes
159.00 €
Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage tailored to the needs of your skin. 
This treatment will leave you immediately looking younger and fresher.
  • skin diagnosis and eyebrow shaping
  • lymph-stimulating massage & warm herbal compresses
  • peeling and deep cleansing (optionally with small cupping glasses)
  • special serum and facial massage
  • bioenergetic flower stamp massage with lifting effect and intensive anti-aging mask
  • day care products tailored to your skin-type
Eyelash colouring
26.00 €
Brow shaping
27.00 €
Eyebrow colouring
21.00 €
Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment100 minutes
152.00 €
Arm & chest treatment
Special body treatment. Combats cellulite, supports circulation and moisturizes the skin. The combination of cosmetics with active ingredients and special techniques helps to ward off environmental toxins, smooths the skin's texture and tightens the body's contours.
Personal Training50 minutes
69.00 €
Treat yourself with the best form of training and conquer your weaker self.

With a qualified personal trainer at your side and a training schedule tailored to your needs and preferences you can easily reach your goals. Ask for our seasonal work-outs sessions!
Depilation | Back or breast
42.00 €
Hair removal | face
12.00 €
Hair removal | legs up to knee
42.00 €
Hair removal | legs complete
47.00 €
Hair removal | armpits
22.00 €
Hair removal | bikini zone
26.00 €
Hands & Feet
Wellness manicure 45 minutes
61.00 €
Wellness manicure with nail polish50 minutes
72.00 €
Exfoliant, complete manicure with hand massage and nail polish of your choice
French nails50 minutes
83.00 €
Gel polish60 minutes
83.00 €
Wellness pedicure | peeling50 minutes
62.00 €
Exfoliant, complete manicure with hand massage and nail polish of your choice
Wellness pedicure | peeling & nail polish50 minutes
82.00 €
Beauty Packages
Lymph drainage with leg wrap | For expecting mothers80 minutes
128.00 €
For expecting mothers
Your body performs amazing feats during pregnancy. The emergence of new life is and remains the most beautiful occurence in the world. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the time for two.
Durch den Sogeffekt der Lymphdrainage wird die Lymphdrainage in ihrem Strom.
Pampered from head to toe | For expecting mothers120 minutes
183.00 €
For expecting mothers

The body of an expecting mother performs an unbelievable feat during pregnancy. The emergence of new life is and remains the most beautiful part of life. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy your time together. After an aromatic foot bath and a pedicure, you can enjoy a facial treatment with products from QMS with immediate effects, as well as a skin care pack for your baby tummy.
Active125 minutes
198.00 €
• Sport massage
• Calves Massage
• Alkaline leg wrap 
• Leg gel for further use
Aurora von !QMS165 minutes
304.00 €
• Eye Reviver
• Anti-Cellulite contouring treatment
• A gift from !QMS
• Eye Reviver
• Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment
• A gift from !QMS
Pure effect195 minutes
328.00 €
• 2 full body massages
• peeling with honey
• care pack with marigold and chamomile
• aroma oil massage
Man's World110 minutes
180.00 €
• Intensiv Cleaning Facial
• sport pack with arnica & St. John's wort
partial body massage
Calm Down150 minutes
248.00 €
• relaxing massage
• Honey peeling
• Ayurveda Abhyanga
• "Calm down" tea
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