Our hotel in Hafling – a stone's throw from Merano

A spa town full of contrasts: that's Merano! A place to fall in love - at the Hotel Mirabell

Just 10 kilometres from Merano and close to Bolzano lies the romantic mountain village of Hafling - set above the roofs of the village, our hotel in Hafling is at home. The village, with its round 700 inhabitants, has achieved a certain celebrity status thanks to a very special species of animal which has its home here: the Haflinger horses.

Here, in the Tschögglberg mountain range, you can holiday with us at our hotel in Merano and also in the skiing and hiking region of Merano 2000, which lies mainly within the Hafling boundaries. Without doubt, summer in Hafling means: limitless hiking adventures, walks along nature trails or challenging tours of the peaks. Discover Hafling and the surrounding regions also by mountain bike or on a horse. The most lovely, most loyal and most robust of them actually come from here. Like a picturesque painting, you can experience the Texel, Brenta and Ortler mountain ranges and the Dolomites and the Ötztal Alps are also here. Holiday at our hotel in Hafling means peace and quiet, rest and relaxation and the South Tyrolean way of life.

You'll also love the contrasts offered by the spa town of Merano

South Tyrol sounds like a bit of Austria and a little bit of Italy. This strip of land is actually influenced by both nations and thus, is wonderfully diverse. In Merano the abundance of contrasts comes to a peak so to speak. The landscape is distinctly alpine – but its also Mediterranean. Culture and nature come together here. Modern and art nouveau, sport and relaxation, smoked ham and spaghetti! What an amazing mix, and what a wonderful place to spend your holiday. And of course the best place to spend it is at our hotel in Hafling, the 4*S wellness hotel Mirabell.

Enjoy nature, the landscape, the wild mountains – and in contrast, the spa town of Merano with umpteen opportunities to shop, drink a coffee, stroll the streets and "people watch". The climate here is so wonderfully mild that Merano has long had a reputation as a spa town and tourist resort. It was often the case that people with lung diseases were sent to Merano to "take the cure" as doctors claimed that the chances of healing were so promising here.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the diversity of what's on offer here in Merano, by its beauty, its event-packed calendar, museums, art, the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Palace and of course its thermal spa, which is not only an architectural gem, but also an additional opportunity to relax and feel great.

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